About me 
Currently based in Ottawa, but I'm always on the move! 
NJ + LDN + DXB = 11 years of my life. My design journey started in the UAE-Sharjah, where I finished two years of my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. My skill-set revolves around branding, print and motion design. But I'm always open to experimenting and learning different aspects of design too.
I enjoy thinking uniquely and coming up with ideas to problem solve, with a keen eye for detail. I also believe that aesthetics in design is as equally important as function. Being immersed to different design systems from both the East and West, made me realise how much I love design and my understanding of it's principals became better. My goal in life is for sure to keep trying something new and exciting everyday and would like to work with a team of designers that will add to my abilities and help me with utilising my graphic and creative skills to produce top-notch quality work in the near future.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Also, my everyday fuel comes from a pack of SOUR PATCH Kids and not a cup of coffee 👽
I'm always keen on learning and collaborating on new projects. Contact me if interested and we'll create amazing things ! 
You can also find me on my social media platforms, where I share my everyday life, travel and design work.
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