About Campaign
This campaign focuses on the features and game content the PS5 promises us with. The diversity of games that are presented through higher fidelity graphics and that support a 8K resolution. 

Target audience
It mainly focuses on reaching a younger target audience with it's game selection and illustrative approach.

The combination of photography and illustrations in the campaign emphasis on the realism the viewer experiences. Living the experience has never been more immersive and full of impact with just getting hold of the controller, hence the slogan explains that gamers are guaranteed the absolute control over their game as soon as they get a grip of the controller. The more spectacular virtual reality headset will allow more gamers replace the PS4. The use of white space on the campaign gives the illusion and focus on what the gamers see and experience during a virtual reality session and that is the focus on just the game and its photo realistic features.​​​​​​​
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