Concept -
Myself and a team of 3 others designed this brand. Our client’s request was a cross-fit circuit training gym for obnoxious cool athletes of females and males genders in RAK, UAE. Healthy men and women between the age of 18-34 with a yearly income of 100,000 and can’t live without sports. The gym proposed name was Wolf Gym. Throughout research we found that wolfs and cross-fit/circuit training share Community in common. Community comes from Common as in common goals and unity to unite to achieve.
Cross-fit is usually called the box. It is a space where athletes share their achievements and work together to achieve more which is similar to how wolves always stay in packs.

Mission -
Is to provide and challenge members to reach their full potential in a safe and community based environment that focuses on health, fitness and well-being.

Vision -
Is to positively transform the lives of our members with our exceptional training and friendly community.

Values -
Community/Dedication/Perseverance/Safety Trust.​​​​​​​

   Logo sketches/process -
   Final logo design -
Logo concept
Logo concept
Final logo
Final logo
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